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Forever Access

Work anytime

Keep in mind that you will have access to the course materials forever. 

Those of you who have passed the course, submitted all 14 assignments for 14 modules will get a certificate of the course completion. Those of you who haven’t passed the course won’t get a certificate.

It is up to you whether you want to get this certificate or not, we understand that there are lots of people who just want to learn what they need, without submitting results for review. In such case you are still eligible to ask any questions you have during the course.

We respect your way to self-learn, so we won’t annoy you with any emails or calls questioning where your assignments are. The course is aimed at professionals, and every professional can decide on his/her own if he/she needs this experience or not.

But we do believe that the opportunity to work this way by showing the results privately to the author of these designs is very great and unique. We won’t share your results without your agreement, no one will ever know that you’re taking the course without your agreement.

We propose taking the course in a way described above, regardless of who you are: an award-winning chef or a self-directed learning enthusiast. We believe that this course is great experience for everyone. These 16 modules can change your life drastically.

Established in 2016
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