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Andrey Dubovik
Handbook on Praline Design with Augmented Reality Tutorials


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Edition 4
ISBN 978-83-954578-4-5
First Published in October 2020
547 pages, 1484 images
3.45 kg, 23.4×28.7 cm
Full-Colour Printing
Hard Cover + Dust Jacket
Printed on Munken Print White 150 g/m² paper
(a high quality white shaded book paper.
FSC® – The mark of responsible forestry. FSC-C020637 and PEFC™ PEFC/05-33-99 certified)
Augmented Reality w/ Pralinarium iOS App


Need–to–Know Basics
1. Outer Space
2. Outer Space Bro
3. Red Firework
4. Golden Firework
5. Bob Marley
6. Stawberry
7. Yellow/Green Bean
8. Graphite with a stripe
9. Claw
10. Tomato
11. Shades of grey
12. Pills
13. Chocolates on sticks
14. Orange Eye

15. Turquoise Eye
16. Yellow Eye

17. Matcha Truffle
18. Enrobed Chocolates
19. Handdipped Chocolates
20. Three-Colour Eye
Lime and Tonka Bean
Milk Oolong
Prune and Wine
Passion fruit and Tarragon
Passion fruit
Coffee and Cardamom
Pecan Gianduja
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Pralinarium App

The app allows you to explore video tutorials using augmented reality.

How it works:


Also AR works on Android but with selected devices. Learn more about that in our:

Manual For Android Users

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