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Andrey Dubovik
Superpralinarium (books)

Book set: Book in Three Volumes on Praline Design
Author: Andrey Dubovik
ISBN 978-83-954578-8-3
Language: English
For Three Books
Shipping Worldwide
1116 pages, 4155 images
Full-Colour Printing
Three Hard Covered Books


Volume 1 of 3 “SUPERSHINE”

ISBN 978-83-954578-5-2
348 pages, 954 images

§1 Equipment and Working Environment
§2 Need–To–Know Basics
§3 Fillings and Additional Recipes
Additional Recipes
§4 The One Where we Finally Start Working on Andrey’s Designs

Volume 2 of 3 “SUPERTECHNIQUE”

ISBN 978-83-954578-6-9
414 pages, 1711 images

§1 Creation of Abstract Patterns with a Stamp
§2 Spray Pattern Control
§3 Making of Distinct Metallic Rings on Chocolates
§4 Fan Brush and Creation of Borders
§5 Airbrush as a Blowing Instrument
§6 Hardcore Blowing Practices

Established in 2016
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