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Module 3

Fillings and Additional Recipes

You might have noticed that the course photos show empty shells, not filled chocolates. We did it on purpose because the goal of this course is to teach you how to make beautiful chocolates (which are generally shells), recreate the designs and master techniques, and not how to cook balanced ganaches, not how to make chocolates that can be stored for months, not how to calculate your own and unique recipes. If you are looking for something like this, attend Alexandre Bordeux’s courses on ganaches.

As you remember, the Module 2 is devoted to the life cycle of chocolates making including sealing and unmoulding. It would be completely weird if we didn’t show you anything about fillings. So, we have made a detailed tutorial on basic fillings covering main types of fillings we usually use in chocolates:

Ganaches, crunchy layers, gels and caramel. You will find out about the main concepts, including the understanding of what an emulsion is and why it is important.

We will show you how to prepare basic fillings and how to use them in chocolate shells.

We’ve included some Andrey’s recipes for your personal use. We don’t have detailed tutorials on how to prepare them, but you will have the recipes with detailed instructions. It’s up to you whether to use these recipes in the course or not. Module 3 is about fillings. And since our course isn’t about fillings, there is no assignment for Module 3. Only tutorials to work with.

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