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Module 4

One Where we Finally Start Working on Andrey’s Designs

Starting from module 4, we will work with the techniques which are most likely the reason why you follow Andrey and why you are here. We begin with pretty easy designs including distinct borders of different colours in a cavity, asymmetric stripes with another colour on the background. In the Module 4 you will work on three different designs made with the same technique. So we again suggest that you follow our guides to recreate the designs of good quality.

Your assignment for Module 4 is to recreate the designs and share the results. By a word design we mean an exact copy of the chocolates made in the tutorial incl. shape, colour combination and technique.

For learning purposes, it’s very useful to recreate the exact same designs as they are showed in the course without significant changes in order to understand your weak sides. But we understand that you don’t always have the same moulds or accessories to recreate the exact same design. So don’t worry because Andrey uses his good judgement when reviewing your works.

Our goal is to teach you to use these techniques and to get high quality results, and not to receive photos of the designs showed in the course. So, if you upload all three designs as your assignment, it would be really cool. If you upload only one, it would be fine too and enough for us to say that you have met the course requirements.

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