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Online course

Superpralinarium / 1

Author: Andrey Dubovik

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  • Video-Tutorial on Equipment and Working Environment (4K), length: 34m 42s
  • Step-by-Step photo guide on Equipment and Working Environment (111 photos)
  • FAQs on Equipment and Working Environment 
  • Video-Tutorial on Basics (4K), length: 28m 25s
  • Step-by-Step photo guide on Basics (220 photos)
  • FAQs on Basic Issues
  • Optional Assignment on Basics (no deadline)

About the module

The module includes two parts:

  • Equipment and Working Environment
  • Basics 

Equipment and Working Environment

The first part is all about equipment and basic aspects of working with an airbrush and an air compressor.

You will learn how to choose an airbrush and compressor. Hot to get started with them and how to care about the equipment.

You would also find out what else you need to create amazing moulded chocolates.

Every module includes


Pro-made 4K video in English (voice-over and subtitles)


High-res photos with comments


Support on all your questions
+ Assignment (optional)


This part is the most important. We analyse all the basic steps of the creation of moulded chocolates. We share Andrey Dubovik’s technique. 

Strict guides (?)

It doesn’t matter whether you follow every piece of advice or not, our goal is to show you THE MOST important concepts of how to get this astonishing shine and deep colour and master different techniques.

We recommend that you always start with a video-tutorial to familiarise yourselves with the main concepts of a certain design and understand the techniques used in the tutorial.

Detailed FAQs

+ support on your questions

We provide a text block with FAQs below each video.

In case your questions aren’t covered, you will be able to ask them in the comments section. Or you can contact us (Andrey, LIMA) via e-mails.

Step-by-Step guides

Afterwards, you will be able to get down straight to the work on a design. And this is where our step-by-step guides come in. They will guide you through all the major steps of our video tutorials with the help of photos placed in a particular order and accompanied by short text comments.

We suggest following the same steps described in our materials. Your goal is to repeat after us. If you follow the steps carefully from one stage to the next, you will get the same awesome results. You will have the same home assignment every week: to get just as awesome results as in the tutorials.

Assignment (optional)

You will have the same home assignment every module: to get just as awesome results as in the tutorials. Basics are devoted to very basic all-black moulded chocolates made in Andrey’s signature mould CW1921.

You can use ANY (!) mould.

Your goal is to learn all the main tricks and to make super shiny black chocolates (or empty shells).

Your optional assignment is to upload photos or videos of your results. This is your goal. In case of failure, we are here to help you and analyse your work issues. So if you share your failure as an assignment, we will do our utmost to assist you until you make it.



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The materials will become available right after your enrolment fee is paid. From that moment on, you will have forever access to this module.

You can start the course anytime.

You will also receive an e-mail from us with a personal discount code for the next modules (10%).

You would also receive a license agreement to be printed, signed and shared with us before you start.

The materials are available on our e-learning platform. To access the materials log in here and open the links from the course page.

€74.50 €149.00

  • Access to the materials 24/7
  • Forever access, no deadlines
  • Support included (LIMA team, Andrey Dubovik)
  • Additional 10% discount for LIMA students

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